Schell-Vista Fire Department


The Schell-Vista Fire Protection District was officially created in 1955 and grew out of the Schell-Vista Fire Department which was started by local ranchers in 1942.

Schell-Vista BoundariesThe district serves an area of about 65 square miles covering the hills north and east of Sonoma and the area south of Sonoma to Highway 37. (Click on map to see a larger image)

The District is staffed by dedicated employees, volunteer officers, and firefighters who maintain a 24/7 presence through staffing assignments, sleeper shifts and on call status. The District responds to about 500 calls per year.

The District is supported by the Schell-Vista Firefighters Association.

The district and association also sponsor the Schell-Vista Fire Explorer Post 911, many members of which have gone on to become volunteer or full time firefighters.