Schell-Vista Fire Department

About Us

The Schell-Vista Fire Protection District has served the residents of the Sonoma Valley since 1942. The District covers a 65 square mile area including the hills on the north and east sides of the City of Sonoma (including, through a Mutual Aid contract with Napa County Fire District, the upper reaches of Lovall Valley Road in Napa County) down to Highway 37 and the southern hills up to Highway 116, including property outside the District but within a County contract.

Schell-Vista Fire Protection DepartmentWhile the size of the District has not changed since its founding, the rural farmsteads have been replaced by larger rural residential homes, and there has been a tremendous increase in the residential population in the hills. The commercial business population has grown, especially along the 8th Street corridor.

The District’s 46 firefighters are trained to fight residential, commercial and wildland fires, as well as emergency medical calls, vehicle collisions, Haz-mat emergencies and any other call for service.

There are Two stations: Station #1, staffed 24/7, is located at the Intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 121, and Station #2, staffed as needed, is located at the intersection of 8th Street East and East Napa Street.

Fire District BoundariesThis map shows the rough boundaries of four Fire Districts of Sonoma Valley; Schell-Vista, Sonoma Valley, Glen Ellen and Kenwood. (Click on map to enlarge)

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Schell-Vista Fire Protection District to provide the highest level of life and property protection services through and aggressive fire control system, and integrated medical care system, fire prevention, public education, and emergency management. To accomplish our mission we will provide suppression and prevention programs, a state of the art pre-hospital care system, and effective scene management. We will stand ready to support and assist other fire service organizations in accomplishing their missions. Our volunteers are important assets in the actualization of our mission. They each play a vital role and carry the responsibility to express our department values in their daily work.